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This website admin page is not meant for general membership consumption (although obviously it is available to all members).  It is to explain and document how Troop 622 goes about communicating to its members and other interested parties through the website and all other digital means.  Specifically,
  • how the troop groups and website are organized
  • what are responsibility of the troop accounts, what can they do, and what real person fills that role today
  • additional notes about learnings gleaned from administering the website
If the webmaster ever leaves for that happy campground in the sky, those left behind will want to start here.

Digital Roles and Responsibilities

 Role & Troop Account   



 Current Holder & Associated Email

 Keep web published copies up to date of all documents/forms he owns and updates.
  • Full edit capability Documents and Forms page and all sub pages.
  • Manager Troop-622
 Chris Neidre
 Committee Chair
Gwen Leslie
   Has read-write privileges to everything.  Ideally should be owner of all Troop digital assets.
Blanca Fisher
 Membership Chair
  • Adds new member's email addresses to group to allow them to receive troop email and access private pages of Troop website.
  • Deletes old member's email addresses from group when they leave the troop.

  • Manager Troop-622
Carol D'Angese
 Recharter Chair
  • None
Drive (Google Docs)
  • Full read access to Recharter database
Blanca Fisher
 Woodsale Committee Chair
Keeps woodsale information on the web current, both on the public Firewood Sale Information page and the private Documents and Forms > Woodsale page.

Responds to customer inquiries submitted from the web
  • Full edit capability Firewood Sale Information and Documents and Forms > Woodsale pages.
Drive (Google Docs)
  • Full read access to Woodsale inquiry database
Beatriz Cruz-Rivera
 Scout Webmaster2
 Update the Troop's Calendar   Calendar:  


  1. Wood sale is managed from a database on another computer.  That whole system is beyond the prevue of this page and is not documented here.  The website and privileges referred to here are just Google Apps, and have nothing to do with the administration of the woodsale database or webpages.
  2. the Scout Webmaster role is held by a scout and rotates every 6 months with the rest of the troop leadership positions.

Changing Role Holders and Associated Emails

When a role turns over to a new person, the Webmaster should "clean up" the account by removing the old role holder personalized data:

  • reset the password (to remove the access from the former role holder)
  • sign in as role and "clean up"
    • remove old forwarding address, adding new role holder's email address as new forward (Directions)

Additional Accounts of Interest

 Google Account  

Description The password recovery account for the super user Webmaster account.  The webmaster owns this account, but the Scoutmaster and the Committee Chair should both have the password to this account in case the webmaster absconds to Sea Base with all the troop's web secrets. A guest account with full read privileges to the entire website.  Can be provided temporarily to any trusted individual to give full access to the website.  Should be temporary only, and access revoked by changing the password.



The Google group Troop-622 ( is the membership-defining group for the troop, administered by the Membership Chair.  Note that it is owned by Kim Bianco, not, and was created outside of Google Apps.  We have been able to work around this so far by creating a Google Apps group Troop 622 Members, granting website access to this group, and making Kim's group Troop-622 a member of Troop 622 Members.otes
Web Master,
May 12, 2013, 1:42 PM