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(Webmaster: Next-term Elections will be held on April 20th.)

T622 Officers and Appointed Positions

(Effective Oct-2020)

Elected Officers

Elected Officers: The Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) is elected twice a year by majority vote of the whole troop.  The runner-ups become ASPLs.

  • Senior Patrol Leader (SPL)                                        Kenny V.
  • Senior Asst. Senior Patrol Leader (SASPL)            Aidan B.
  • Junior Asst. Senior Patrol Leader (JASPL)             Jack T.
Jr. Asst. Scoutmaster (JASM)
  • John R.
Staff Positions

These STAFF positions are appointed by the Senior Patrol Leader.

  • Christian S.
  • Joshua W.

  • Nick L.
  • Ahil C.

Chaplain Aide                Caden W.

Historian                         Riley P.

Bugler(s)                        open

Librarian                        Aiden G.

Webmaster                    Calvin L.

Outdoor Ethics Guide   open

OA Representative       open


Patrol Leaders

Patrol Leaders (PL) are elected by majority vote by the members of each patrol.  Assistant Patrol Leaders are appointed by the Patrol Leaders.

 Rams Patrol:

·         Patrol Leader     Ben A.

·         Assistant PL      TBD

Eagles Patrol:

·         Patrol Leader     Emery H.

·         Assistant PL      Caden W.

Fox Patrol:

·         Patrol Leader     William L.

·         Assistant PL      Riley P.

Bears Patrol:

·         Patrol Leader    Thomas E.

·         Assistant PL      Grant P.


Scoutmaster Appointed Positions

Positions Appointed by the Scoutmaster:

Troop Guide(s)        

1.Ronak P.

2.Gavin M.

Troop Instructor(s) 

1. Dante R.

2. Kyan J.

3. Christopher W.

4. Ethan S.


 All Offices, both elected and appointed, count towards leadership rank requirements for Star, Life, and Eagle ranks.

Go Troop 622!