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Troop Email and Website Access

Communication is key to successfully keeping up to date with troop activities.  Troop 622 communicates electronically to its members in two ways: via email and the website.  There are two prerequisites to making these communication channels work: an email address and a Google account.

The Big Picture

Note: Step 2 is not instantaneous.  The Membership Chair must check their email, see your request, and act upon it.  You will get an invitation email when you have been added, allowing you accept membership in the troop mail group.

Complication: I have a Google Account that isn't the Email the troop uses

What if you have a Google account, but under a different email than the one the troop uses? For example, you are me@san.rr.com to the troop, but have a Gmail account me2@gmail.com that is unknown to the troop.  You have four choices:
  1. To keep receiving troop emails at me@san.rr.com AND sign in to your existing Google account me2@gmail.com to use the website, you must add me@san.rr.com as an alternate email to your existing Google account. See Google instructions page.
  2. Create a new, separate Google account for me@san.rr.com and use it to access the website
  3. Add me2@gmail.com to the troop group in addition to me@san.rr.com.  Access troop website by signing onto me2@gmail.com, and receive troop emails at both email addresses.
  4. Swap me2@gmail.com for me@san.rr.com with the troop, and start receiving all troop emails and signing into the website using the existing Google account for me2@gmail.com.

Confused or prefer words to diagrams? Read still more information.