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Troop Membership and Communication


You must have an email address and a Google account with that email address.

Email Address

You must have an email address to receive emails from the troop, and the troop must know what that email address is in order to send you information.

This does not have to be a brand new address, or a GMail address; your existing email address will do nicely.

In order to register your email address with the troop, send a request from that email to membership@troop622.com.

Google Account

In order to view private troop information, you must be a member of the troop.  To be a member of the troop electronically, you must have a Google account, and the associated email address (think of it as a username) of the account must be the email address you provided the troop above.

To create a new Google Account or sign in to an existing Google Account,

  • click "sign in" link on the Troop's Home Page under For Troop Parents, or
  • click the "sign in" link on the left of the footer at the bottom of any page, or
  • click the Sign in button on the Google Home Page.  
This brings up the Google log in screen that should look similar to the picture on the left.
  • To create a new Google Account, click the Sign Up button, provide the email address you provided the troop above and a password.
  • To log in to your existing Google Account, enter your email address (user name) and your password, and click Sign in button.
  • In either case, if you wish to remain signed in (and not provide these credentials every time), be sure to check Stay signed in.

When you sign in to your Google account using the username/email address known to the troop, you are proving you are a troop member and therefore deserve full access to private troop information.

Note the "Stay signed in" check box: check this box to stay signed in even when you close and reopen your browser, or reboot your computer.

Digital Communication

The troop "pushes" information to members via email, and information is available whenever a member wants to "pull" it from the website.

Email Group

When you supply the troop with an email address, it gets added to an email group for the troop.  When someone sends an email to the group, all email address that are members of that group receive the email.

A history of all emails sent to the group is available on the website on the News page.

Manage your membership in the troop email group. (You can't add yourself; the troop has to make you a member.)


The website has public and private pages.  Public pages are visible to anyone on the Internet; private pages are visible only to troop members.  You get to see private pages when you are logged into your Google Account.

Do you see all these tabs in the navigation bar above?  If not, you are not logged in to your troop member Google Account, and so you are not seeing the private information as well as the public.

Don't want to sign in to your Google account every time you want to see all the Troop website?  Check the box marked "Stay signed in" the next time you sign into your Google account.