Chaplain's Chamber

(WebMaster invites the Chaplain's Aide, or any interested Scout or Scouter, to contribute content to this page)

The Chaplain's Chamber

The Chaplain Aide encourages spiritual growth and awareness of each member of the troop and assists the troop chaplain.

Duties of the Chaplain's Aide include:

  • Provide a spiritual tone for all troop meetings and camping experiences.
  • Assure all members of their value and importance.
  • Promote opportunities for all members to grow in their relationship with God and fellow Scouts.

The WebMaster would like YOU to contribute an article about:
  1. An inspiring story of something that happened to you at a Troop 622 event.
  2. Native American stories, legends or prayers.
  3. Stories of "a Good Deed, Daily"