Recharter 2021

The Rechartering process for 2021 is complete!
Thank you to our terrific re-chartering coordinators for doing such a great job!
Our new Chartering Organization is now the Pacific Youth Alliance.  

The annual re-registration of all scouts and adults in Troop 622 is normally done in October.  This process is known as rechartering.  This is different from registering for BSA.  Failure to complete all the necessary steps will mean that your scout will not be registered for the upcoming year.

Re-chartering Instructions:

What to Bring:
1) Recharter/Volunteer form (1st attachment) with payment, filled out and signed 
Please note: 
- a minimum of one adult is required to register per family 
- Boy Life's magazine is optional                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
- If using woodsales credit, please check your balance on Scoutbook account or email us.

2) YPT certificate hard copies for adults: YPT with an expiration date on or after 1/1/21 will be accepted

3) Attached BSA medical forms (2nd attachment):
- For scouts: form A, B1, B2, and a copy of your insurance card are mandatory
- For adults: registered or non-registered members, form A, B1, and B2 are required if attending campouts
- For outings over 72 hours, form C and YPT (adult only) are required

To check if we have a copy of your unexpired YPT and medical insurance card on file, please view

4) Background check authorization form Disclosure (3rd attachment), the last two attachments are for your information. 

Fees List:
Scout's Recharter and Troop fee: $110
Boy's Life Magazine (optional): $12
Scout's BSA Joining fee (new scout only): $25
Adult's Recharter and Troop fee: $66 or $10 (if you are a dual member who pay recharter fee to other troop/pack)

All forms are available HERE:  /documents-and-forms
If you have any questions, please contact:
Pam Rader or Hong Liang

Register your SCOUT and at least one PARENT Volunteer

To Register by Downloading a Form

  1. Download, print, and fill out Recharter form pdf (Link above).
  2. Download, print and fill out Boy Scouts Medical Form pdf.
  3. Check your YPT Status if it expires before Jan-1 of next year, it will NOT be accepted.
  4. If your YPT is not current you must go through training and send me a copy of your certificate.
  5. Select at least one volunteer position.
  6. Return completed forms with attached payment & updated YPT form to a troop meeting by due date.
Youth Protection Training 
  1. Verify your training is current - Go to 
  2. Log in (note this is not your troop or gmail account, but a completely separate username and password for the BSA).
  3. Click the "Menu" on the top left hand side, then click "My Dashboard".
  4. If it expires before Jan-1 of next year, click "Retake Course".

Pay Registration Fee

The troop registration fees, listed above, include the national registration fee, and insurance. The fees must be paid by either 

  • cash
  • check (made out to Troop 622 and with all names written in the memo field), or 
  • wood-sale transfer.

For those using woodsale funds, please note: There must be funds currently available in your scout's Woodsale account; anticipated funds from future Woodsale cannot be used.

Thank you for your prompt attention to getting this done in a timely manner.

Re-Charter Chair
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